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Fantastico by superior Threads

King Tut by Superior Threads
King Tut
King Tut is an extremely low lint #40/3 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. Variegated colors are precision-dyed with one-inch color changes. King Tut is a wonderful choice for Machine Quilting. The low lint allows for more time quilting and less time cleaning your machine. View our King Tut Thread Infographic on what makes King Tut Thread so good for so many applications.
  • Available in 133 colors.
  • Ideal for quilting and decorative stitching.
  • Nature’s finest thread.


Master Piece by Superior Threads



So Fine #40 by Superior Threads
So Fine #40
So Fine! #40 is polyester thread with a 1-inch color-change interval. Its strength and medium sheen make this quilting thread ideal for any quilting application. The nature of So Fine! thread is different from any other polyester thread. The smooth, lint-free processing it goes through is a patented process. This makes So Fine! #40 thread the only thread like it in the world. Guaranteed.
  • Available in 35 colors.
  • Exact same thread type as our smooth, lint-free So Fine! #50 thread but in a medium weight #40/3-ply.
  • Ideal for quilting and decorative stitching.

So Fine #50 by Superior Threads
So Fine #50
So Fine #50 is a #50/3 all purpose polyester thread. So Fine #50 thread is lint-free and extra smooth. Each cone has 3,280 yards. For home machines, we recommend using a Superior Topstitch #80/12 needle and setting your tension around a 4.0 or 5.0.For longarm machines, we recommend using So Fine #50 with a #16 (MR 3.5) needle. So Fine #50 thread works great with So Fine #50 or Bottom Line in the bobbin.Recommended use: quilting, bobbin, general sewing, and garment construction.

The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line >>
Bottom Line is a 60 wt./2-ply lint-free filament polyester. Bottom Line is a very versatile thread which can be used in many applications.
  • Available in 55 colors.
  • Ideal for hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, embroidery, stitch-in-the-ditch, bobbin thread, trapunto, binding, free standing lace, heirloom sewing, serger thread, and garment construction.
  • Several colors blend into fabrics so well that they appear invisible.
  • Wonderful thread choice for micro stippling.
  • Available in cones and spools.
  • SuperBOBs are The Bottom Line thread wound on cardboard-sided bobbins available in L-style (118 yds.) and M-style (215 yds.) prewound bobbins.
  • BOB’s are The Bottom Line thread wound onto plastic-sided bobbins and are ideal for hand appliqué.
  • SuperBOBs Donut is a collection of 35 SuperBOBs set into a BobbinSaver.

Treasure is a #30/3-ply coated extra-long staple cotton for hand quilting. Treasure is coated with a wax which adds the necessary strength for the stress of hand quilting. 25 colors are perfect for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any project that calls for hand work.
  • Available in 25 colors.
  • Specially designed colors for hand quilting.
  • #30/3-ply coated extra-long staple cotton.
  • One-inch precise color change.


Vanish is a water soluble thread for machine and hand basting, trapunto,and other uses. It is available in two weights (thicknesses), Vanish-Extra and Vanish-Lite. Both are available on spools and mini cones. Store Vanish in a resealable bag in a dry place.For fastest results, use Vanish in both the top and bottom.


  • Recommended for sewing on home machines.
  • Use for apparel applications such as basting pockets, cuffs, pleats, and lace.
  • Can be used as a top thread and bobbin thread.
  • Soak or spritz with water to dissolve.
  • Not recommend for swimsuits (ha! ha!).


  • Vanish-Extra is recommended for commercial and longarm machines.
  • Stronger than Vanish-Lite and can handle the stress from high-speed machines.
  • Can be used as a top thread and or bottom thread.
  • Vanish-Extra requires soaking to dissolve. Depending on the stitch density, gently massaging the thread helps it dissolve more quickly.

Kimono Silk

MagnaGlide M Style Bobbins

MagnaQuilt M Style Bobbins


Pearl Cotton

Sew Complete Thread
50 wt. Poly-wrapped poly core thread. Designed for Sewing and Crafting.

Sew Complete is a 50 wt. (standard sewing weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread available in 25 functional colors and wound on 300 yd. spools. Sewing with Sew Complete will solve many frustrations and provide smooth stitches, reduced puckering on fabrics, and because of its strength, will minimize thread breaks.


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